Zio smart side table

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A stylish and fun addition to the household, this smart occasional side table features upholstered sides and solid wood legs. Outfitted with electronic amenities, this sleek table not only holds your cup of coffee in style, but turns it into a fully functioning speaker that lets you tune into your favorite station or play from your phone.

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With its soft upholstery, this side table is as stylish as it is practical. The sleek design looks amazing in your living room or bedroom, but don’t let its attractive appearance fool you—it’s loaded with functionality too. Put that cup of coffee down and take advantage of its built-in USB port and power strip!

2 reviews for Zio smart side table

  1. Amjad Ali

    I am the kind of person who loves a good gadget. The Zio Smart Side Table is not only a great piece of furniture but also a tech savvy way to put your technology in the middle of your living room to truly make it the center of your life.

  2. Amjad Ali

    I’ve been using Zio for about a month and it’s brought a lot of excitement to my morning. I’m now able to sit at my desk and listen to music or podcasts, which has made my work days fly by, or listen to the latest news while I’m getting ready for work in the mornings.

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